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Whiteline and hoof rot are extremely destructive and hard to treat. Typical whiteline treatment requires a farrier, especially when the infection has progressed. However, if caught early enough the majority of the damage can be prevented.

Prime 90 Whiteline Cure is able to treat both whiteline and hoofrot with only a few applications. Using our patented technology, we’re able to attack both the fungus and any lingering spores, destroying it completely and allowing your animal’s hoof to heal completely. More importantly, with a little preventative whiteline treatment, you can stop most problems from every occurring!


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Apply liberally to affected area once or twice per day. If possible, obtain a small bucket or hoof boot and put 1-2 inches in the bottom. Put the hoof into the treatment and let stand for 3-5 minutes. Repeat this process daily for one week. It is common to see substantial drainage (typically black discharge) within 3-4 days.

For severe cases, continue treatment until symptoms disappear. After use, product may be strained (eliminate hay and manure etc.) and reused up to three times.

This product may also be applied with a sprayer once or twice per week as a preventative treatment.


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3 reviews for Whiteline Cure

  1. Neil Carson

    I am using Witeline Cure at the present time, on a six-year-old gelding. He was very lame last year; so lame he could not be ridden. I have been using Witeline Cure for seven months. He has improved so much; I can now ride him in any venue. I had an older mare that I used Witeline Cure to treat. It was so successful on her; I decided to use it on him. I am completely confident this product cured my mare and is now working on the gelding.

  2. Lane and Holly Broadhead

    We own a mare that has been our “everything” horse. At the age of four years old she began competing and placed consistently in barrel racing for about five years. She was then rode and kept in shape for pleasure, cattle drives, and team roping, etc.
    She started showing soreness at the age of twelve in her front feet, particularly her left foot. We had a vet check her. He suspected navicular or laminitis. The x-rays taken were inconclusive on both. The only thing we could try was hoof builder, corrective shoes, and painkillers.
    Our son competed on her in the Little Buckaroo rodeos for about a year. She continued to stay lame. All we were doing was masking the pain and making her miserable. It wasn’t fair to continue riding her and watch her be in pain, so we decided to breed her and at least get one colt out of her before we put her down.
    Bryon Tarbet introduced us to the product, Whiteline Cure, we immediately started using it on her. What did we have to lose, and maybe a whole lot to gain?
    We treated her feet all through her pregnancy and after. By the time the colt was weaned, we were riding and enjoying her again. In fact, at the age of fifteen, our ten-year-old daughter has taken her over. She rides her in the mountains, runs barrels and is even teaching her poles. She has never taken a lame step and runs and plays like a two year old. This product has absolutely changed the life of this mare and we get to enjoy her for years to come.

  3. Russel Drou

    I had a couple of horses with White Line disease, real bad. I’d tried everything, but nothing really worked until I found these guys’ stuff. Cleaned the hooves right up!

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