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120 capsules of OsteoGro Advanced Calcium Dietary Supplement
In the tradition of our well absorbed Prime90 family of supplements, we have advanced the state of calcium nutrition with OsteoGro.
Typically, individuals have a difficult time getting enough calcium in their diet. The recommended daily dose for calcium is 1000 mg per day! We need phosphorus in combination with calcium in order to achieve outstanding results. In fact, the ratio of calcium to phosphorus needs to be in a narrow range to give optimum results.
This is the primary reason that cola drinks are bad, they contain phosphorus (phosphoric acid) with little or no calcium! This means that you are losing bone mass as calcium leaves your bones to react with the phosphoric acid.
This supplement is a proprietary combination of calcium, phosphorus, and bridging herbs to increase absorption and enhance healing of broken bones. Also an excellent source of calcium for diets low in this important nutrient regardless of the cause.
Recommended daily dose:
Children: 1 capsule daily with food
Adults: 1-4 capsules daily with food *based on conditions.
*Conditions vary person to person depending on level of health or severity of injury. Analysis of these conditions determines the dosage of OsteoGro.


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