Hello Healthy Hens – Complete Chicken Nutrition

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Your chickens are important to you, and so is their health. Unfortunately, many chicken feeds only provide the bare minimum: protein and calories. Chickens need so much more than that, and it shows. When chickens aren’t getting enough nutrition, they experience opportunistic infections, prolonged molts, and even eat their own eggs. Hello Healthy Hens is a complete nutritional supplement that will help your flock thrive and lay more eggs than ever before. Hello Healthy Hens can help prevent Bumble Foot, increase your egg production, and make molting quick and easy for your flock. Plus it treats over 90 gallons of water!

Hello Healthy Hens is carefully designed to meet your flock’s nutritional needs in one quick, easy package. So many things, like egg eating or low egg production, are caused by things like nutritional deficiencies. Even Bumble Foot, which is an opportunistic infection, can be staved off by ensuring that your chickens have healthy immune systems.

When used as instructed, Hello Healthy Hens can help:

  • Increase the number of eggs you get
  • Prevent most egg eating (other than egg eating from boredom)
  • Help prevent opportunistic infections, like Bumble Foot
  • Help your flock molt faster
  • Make your chickens happier, healthier, and prettier


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