Hello Healthy Hens – Complete Chicken Nutrition

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If you take care of chickens, their health and well-being is no doubt important to you. But all too often, the feed you provide your flock only offers the bare minimum in nutrition – just enough protein and calories to get by. Instead of looking at the complete chicken nutrition that your flock needs, they just give you the bare minimum.

Unfortunately, that’s not nearly enough for your chickens. Without the right amount of minerals they need, chickens can suffer from opportunistic infections like Bumble Foot, prolonged molts, and even eating their own eggs!

It’s time to say goodbye to those problems with Hello Healthy Hens. This complete mineral supplement was designed specifically to meet your flock’s needs, and will help them thrive like never before. Not only does it prevent Bumble Foot, increase egg production, and make molting quicker and easier, but it also treats over 90 gallons of water!

Hello Healthy Hens truly has it all. With just a tablespoon per 5 gallons of water, it provides so much more than just the basics. It helps keep your chickens healthy and strong so they don’t have to worry about common chicken issues such as egg eating or low egg production due to a lack of proper nutrition. Plus, your chickens will be happier, healthier, and prettier when taking this supplement!

By using Hello Healthy Hens regularly, you can enjoy many benefits:

• Increase in egg production
• Prevention of most egg eating (except from boredom)
• Protection against opportunistic infections, such as Bumble Foot
• Quicker molting
• Happier, healthier, and prettier chickens


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