Equine liquid supplement

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Nutrition for horses is at least as difficult for our horses as it is for ourselves. We often assume that simple grazing and feeding is enough to provide for all the essential minerals, but this is often not the case. And horses can’t even tell us what’s wrong when they’re feeling down!

Liquid Equine Supplement is a perfectly balanced combination of all essential minerals plus Glucosamine in our Glucosaplex chelating matrix delivery system. This ensures that your horse is getting all the essential minerals to keep them healthy and happy. Our patented formula builds strong horses from the cells up, building strong muscles, and bones, and giving coats a remarkable sheen. This is because our patented molecular matrix is able to deliver nutrients at the cellular level. Where most supplements will simply pass unabsorbed through the digestive system, our chelated formula is designed to be absorbed by the gut and delivered to wherever your horse needs it the most. 

These health benefits include:

  • Stronger musculoskeletal system; better physical performance.
  • Increased energy and stamina.
  • Improved mental functioning and trainability.
  • Reduced recovery time from illness and injury.
  • Enhanced immune system.
  • Joint health and flexibility.
  • Superior coats with greater sheen.
  • Better hoof growth and condition.
  • Thicker, shinier manes and tails.
  • Improved movement and agility.
  • Savings on drugs and veterinarian costs.

30 day money back guarantee

Proudly designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA

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3 reviews for Equine liquid supplement

  1. Mike and Tara Miller

    We’re liking Prime 90 Equine a bunch! The good reasons – it’s easy, inexpensive, and effective.

    Where it has all the minerals in it that a horse should need along with glucosaplex, it keeps feeding simple. It is the least expensive glucosamine supplement we have found, and we really believe our high-performance horses need this supplement. We have seen great results with Prime 90 Equine.

    For protection, we feed Prime 90 Equine to all our young horses in training. For maintenance, we feed it to the older performance horses – both rope and reined cowhorses – even a couple of the favorite old ranch horses get it.

    One great old horse, ‘Cowboy’, that has done everything and done it hard, has arthritis in his knee and has been stiff and lame for the last couple years, so we had backed off on using him. Mike was looking for a good horse to take to the World’s Greatest Horseman this spring – the horse he tied for Reserve Champion on in 1999, ‘Boogie Man’ has been taken over by the ropers on the outfit. So anyway, I put Cowboy on Prime 90 Equine and MSM for a week then started riding him. We have held our breath and gotten Cowboy into good shape and he feels great! He is moving like he is young again. Mike is excited that he gets to show this exceptional horse again and we are even about to let our breath out. We are especially happy for Cowboy because he loves being back to his unparalleled expertise work on the ranch – the ranch work is his strength training for the big One Horse-One Man event where they will cut, rein, work a cow on the fence, and rope. I feel grateful to Prime 90 Equine for helping me bring this great horse back.

    I am getting windy but have to tell you that I take Prime 90 Equine myself. Tough I know it is not approved for humans, I wanted to see what it was doing for the horses. I have curvature in my spine and usually have a spinal ache of some degree – not now since I have been taking 1/10th of a dose of Prime 90 Equine every day or two – and not even with MSM. I notice a definite improvement in all my general stiffness.

    By the way, every horse has taken right to it the first serving!

    This product is saving us hassle and money, and making us feel good about taking care of our horses.

  2. Angel Crosthwaite

    I have been in the horse training industry for over 30 years and have trained hundreds of horses. It is finally refreshing to find a product such as Prime 90 Equine that gives me the ability to help maintain my stable of horses in a healthy condition. We have been using Prime 90 Equine for the past year at St. Augustine Training Center, where we train performance horses. Currently we have 67 horses in training using Prime 90 Equine. We have experienced a night and day difference in our horses, especially the older ones.

  3. Sammy Smith

    My horses LOVE it! They take it from a syringe, which I’ve never seen before! And their coats are always so shiny and smooth, even when I haven’t washed them.

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