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  • Canine Supplement – Complete Dog Nutrition


    Our dogs have an even harder time getting enough essential minerals than we do. Because their diet is so processed and restricted, they can suffer from long term, chronic mineral deficiencies to a greater degree than people do. That’s why we’ve created a unique formula to directly address our dogs’ nutritional needs. Our dog nutrition…

  • Prime 90 Complete Trace Mineral Supplement Glucosaplex Technology


    120 Capsules of Prime90 Complete Mineral Supplement with Glucosamine Getting enough minerals is hard. 40-80% of Americans are deficient in calcium, 60% of Americans don’t get enough magnesium, and an astonishing 90% of Americans don’t get enough potassium! Calcium deficiency has been linked with brittle bones and osteoporosis later in life, magnesium deficiency has been…