In 1998, Prime90™ embarked on a journey to redefine the landscape of nutritional supplementation. Driven by the pioneering spirit of our founder, a Ph.D. chemist with a portfolio of over 50 patents, we embraced advanced chelation technology to revolutionize nutrient delivery. This innovation ensures that every mineral and glucosamine supplement we create is absorbed efficiently, nourishing the body and soul of both humans and animals.

Our narrative is deeply personal, rooted in the challenges we encountered within our own lives and the lives of those in our community. It was these everyday struggles that illuminated the path to creating a suite of supplements uniquely tailored to address a spectrum of health needs, from bone density improvement to enhanced joint mobility, and beyond.

American craftsmanship is the cornerstone of our identity. Prime90 is a testament to the enduring value of domestic production, maintaining an unbroken chain from development to delivery within the USA. This commitment guarantees that each product not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of quality, offering unparalleled well-being enhancement to our cherished customers.

Core Values

At Prime90, our mission transcends supplementation; we aim to empower transformation. Our chelated formulas stand at the forefront of absorption technology, ensuring that vital micronutrients reach where they’re needed most. The result? A vitality you can feel, clarity that illuminates your mind, and an energy that uplifts your spirit. We’re so confident in the life-changing potential of our products that we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Integrity, quality, and affordability are the pillars of our philosophy. We’re dedicated to creating exceptional products with the finest ingredients, all while ensuring they remain accessible. As a proud American brand, we deliver on the promise of premium, homegrown quality with every supplement that bears the Prime90 name.

Our Community

At the heart of Prime90 is a commitment to community. Our partnership with Courage Reins underscores this bond, reflecting our belief in the healing power of alternative therapies. Through equine therapy, Courage Reins opens doors to wellness for individuals regardless of financial circumstances, a mission we’re honored to support.

Join us on this journey of health, innovation, and community. With Prime90, you’re not just choosing a supplement; you’re embracing a lifestyle of wellness, backed by the expertise and passion of a team dedicated to your best life.

Prime90: Elevating Wellness with Advanced Glucosaplex Chelation Technology

Welcome to Prime90, wheWelcome to Prime90, where the science of nutrition meets the art of well-being. Our mission is to craft supplements that go beyond mere nourishment, offering transformative health benefits. A key player in our lineup is Glucosaplex, a specially chelated form of glucosamine designed to maximize its absorption and effectiveness. Alongside, our formulations include advanced chelators that enhance the bioavailability of essential minerals, ensuring your body receives comprehensive nutritional support.

Specialized Ingredients for Maximum Efficacy

Glucosaplex, our unique approach to glucosamine, ensures that this critical component for joint health is readily absorbed by your body. In parallel, our proprietary blend of chelators works to unlock the full potential of the minerals in our supplements, making them more accessible for your body’s use. This dual strategy ensures that every ingredient in our products is optimized for the best possible outcome.

We recognize a common challenge in modern diets: many Americans struggle to intake adequate essential micronutrients, potentially leading to various health issues. Prime90 addresses this gap head-on, offering a straightforward, effective solution to combat nutritional deficiencies. Our supplements are more than just a daily routine; they’re a commitment to enhanced health and vitality.

Comprehensive Health Solutions

Our modern diets often leave much to be desired in terms of essential nutrients, leading to gaps that can impact our overall health. Prime90 addresses these deficiencies head-on, with carefully formulated supplements that offer a balanced spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and Glucosaplex. Rigorously tested and scientifically backed, our products are designed to support optimal body function, from bone health and joint mobility to metabolic processes and beyond.

The Prime 90 Difference: Feel the Impact

Embracing Prime 90’s supplements means making a conscious choice for enhanced health and vitality. Our commitment to high-quality, bioavailable ingredients like Glucosaplex and our mineral chelators promises not just to supplement your diet but to elevate your well-being. We’re confident in the transformative power of our products and back this with a satisfaction guarantee.

Embark on Your Wellness Journey with Prime 90

At Prime 90, we are inspired by the remarkable potential of precise nutrition and innovative supplementation. Our dedication to excellence and efficacy in every product is our promise to you. Join the Prime90 family and experience how targeted chelation and premium ingredients like Glucosaplex can be the foundation for a healthier, more vibrant life.