We believe in enhancing health and performance for all equestrian, canine, and human needs.

Our belief is that if you feel good, you will perform well. Our products have a 90% absorption rate, which is unprecedented in our industry. As a leading innovator and developer of mineral and glucosamine supplements, PRIME 90 delivers a new level of excellence for people seeking optimized health and wellness. We have a 30 day money back policy to guarantee your satisfaction!


Inspired by nature itself PRIME 90 now provides lines of products specifically designed for both human and animal use and each formulated to actually deliver the needed minerals into the blood stream thereby increasing cellular strength and function. Rather than merely ingesting supplements that pass unused through the body, our unique formulations safely carry the minerals and supplements from the digestive system into the blood stream and delivers them directly to enzymes in the cells where they are needed and in the exact form required for optimal performance. Due to highly efficient absorption, PRIME 90 delivers more precise dosages of minerals and supplements with consistency thereby reducing the amount of materials ingested and lowering costs to you.